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The NeXstop route knowledge tool is not a simulator, it’s a far more effective training system. We use actual footage of your routes, recorded in real time, and packaged with an expert narrative of all of the issues that your driver is likely to encounter on a typical day. No more generic driver training in a virtual world, with NeXstop your drivers are trained on your routes, and it’s all delivered in an easy-to-use format that’s available on any PC, laptop or tablet using a standard web browser.

We make it quick and easy to obtain and maintain route knowledge.

No more outlay for expensive equipment, and no down time for your drivers. Use NeXstop for inducting new staff, route familiarity for established drivers and refresher training. We provide everything you need to manage your training programme. Your own personal login to the NeXstop system lets you review any route we supply, adding comments and amendments if required. Once approved the route is available immediately for use. We also provide detailed reports of usage making it easy for you to maintain training records.

We use GPS technology to accurately record routes.

We offer a comprehensive solution, including a web hosting facility that’s 100% safe and secure; and available whenever you need it. We’ll tailor NeXstop to your specific needs so you are, quite literally, in the driver’s seat! NeXstop is the hassle-free one-stop solution for route knowledge training. Please view our client testimonials for impartial opinions of our services - then call us to discuss your training needs and to arrange a no-obligation demonstration.

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